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Construction Defect

Construction defects refer to flaws, deficiencies, or substandard workmanship in buildings, structures, or properties that can lead to functional, safety, or aesthetic issues. These defects can arise from various stages of construction, including design, materials, construction methods, and supervision.

Construction claims can arise for a variety of reasons including insufficient plans, delays caused by unforeseen site conditions, excessive owner directed changes, or defects which are not apparent until the project is nearly complete.

BWA Law Group APC has successfully prosecuted and defended these and other construction related claims with attorneys who take a personal and in-depth approach to each case.
The role of your BWA Law Group attorney involves several key responsibilities:

Legal Expertise: Our attorney’s possess in-depth knowledge of construction law, real estate law, contract law, and relevant regulations. They understand the complexities of building codes, zoning ordinances, contracts, warranties, and liability issues related to construction projects.

Communication: At the onset of any construction claim communication with various parties, including customers, opposing counsel, contractors, insurance companies, and expert witnesses is key. Effective communication skills are crucial to building strong cases and achieving favorable outcomes for clients.

Expert Engagement: Construction defect cases often require the expertise of professionals in construction-related fields such as engineering, architecture, or construction management. Our attorneys collaborate with these experts to evaluate the alleged defects, assess their impact, and provide expert testimony when necessary.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Many construction defect cases are resolved through mediation or arbitration, which are alternative methods to traditional litigation. Our Attorneys are skilled at navigating ADR processes and advocating for their clients’ interests.

Litigation: If a settlement cannot be reached, BWA Law Group construction attorneys will work to build a strong trial strategy involving which arguments to emphasize, which evidence to present, and how to cross-examine opposing witnesses. Our attorneys will work to highlight the defects or breaches of contract and their consequences to persuade the trier of fact (judge or jury) in your favor.