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At BWA Law Group APC, we are here to help ensure your business’ continued success.   From your business’ inception, we are ready to assist you with all phases of your, including real estate acquisition or leasing, zoning and ordinance issues, licensing, legal compliance and banking.

BWA Law Group has a full service business and corporate law practice. We can assist you with corporate entity formation, governance, regulatory compliance, land use (easements, CC&Rs), real estate development transactions, mergers/acquisitions, entitlements, financing capital acquisition, private placements, residential and commercial leasing, intellectual property licensing, filings and litigation, and securities matters.

Get ready to be successful with BWA Law Group APC on your team!


Business Formation

Building a Solid Foundation

We have been helping others with business formations in California for over ten years  Our lawyers, who were educated at some of the most prestigious law schools in the country, can help get your business entity formed and running.  Our attention to detail will give you the solid foundation you need to ensure your business is successful in the years to come.

Corporate Governance

Keeping Your Business “Tuned Up”

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be focused on the daily operations of your business.  It is important to remember, however, that part of a successful business is making sure you are following the state and federal rules related to the operations of a business. Let BWA Law Group APC, use our experience and knowledge of corporate law to make sure those issues are handled in such a manner as to minimize personal liability so you can focus on what you do best, running a successful business.

Legal Representation

Civil and Criminal Law

BWA Law Group, APC, is the full service solution for all your Legal Representation needs.  We have experience with not only handling matters specific to your business, but also have the ability to assist with your other legal needs.  If you have business disputes, collections, employment matters or even criminal law issues, we have you covered.  With BWA, you get the peace of mind of knowing all your legal needs are met.

Preferred Pricing

Tailoring Service to Your Needs

At BWA Law Group, APC, we offer a number of legal service pricing options for our business clients. Most businesses are mindful and aware of the traditional hourly rate method used by law firms. We at BWA Law Group, APC, like to think “outside the box” so that a client is not afraid to pick up the phone or send an email for fear of “starting the clock”.

Depending upon the Monthly Preferred Pricing Plan selected by the client, BWA attorneys will be available for up to a particular set number of hours for the client to utilize in any number of legal service tasks. For example, if the client needs assistance in another field such as labor, intellectual property or civil law, the client may spend those hours allotted to the client under the particular Monthly Preferred Pricing Plan in those or other areas of law in which BWA Law Group attorneys have the requisite experience to handle the client’s needs.